We will be honest life is hard, especially when you have lost someone you care about the most. It's not easy when someone close dies. It’s even more challenging if the person has died recently. It's hard just to try to balance our day-to-day lives with everything else going on around us. We feel sad, hurt, upset, in pain, and so many more feelings. We can’t seem to express to others how we are feeling. We want to tell others how this loss has impacted us. But we can’t find words to start the conversation. That is why we created Lite from Dark.

We created Lite from Dark To Help You

Our own transformational story fuels us. 

  • Our purpose is to change how people think about and express difficult situations.

  • We want to help you express your Lite from Dark journey in a tangible and meaningful way.

  • We are passionate about helping people move through the grieving process in a positive way that impacts you, your family, and possibly even your community.

This is an expression of our feelings

We are a store that helps other people express their loss and dark times through the décor in their homes.

  • It can be a piece that helps you remember your loved one.

  • Something to hang in your house that brings more Lite from Dark situation.

  • Artwork for new beginnings and so much more.

We want to help people tell their stories

  • We want you to be able to tell your story no matter how difficult it is to tell. 

  • We want you to be able to have a keepsake that will last a lifetime, not just a couple of hours. 

  • We want other people to see your home and ask about your story. 

  • We want you to feel hope and love again even after a dark time in your life.

We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing, and we're passionate about helping people heal and grow through their stories!

Our Mission


We utilize the power of art and other home décor items to portray a positive outlook on dark situations.


Help you find glimpses of lite in the dark and realize your own growth through difficult situations. 


Provide home décor and accessories that inspire you to share your own story in your home and life.


As we experienced our darkest time during the loss of our first child in December 2020, we’ve found that lite is the key to overcoming the darkness. We never got to meet our daughter, but we know our Lord and Savior Jesus has her up in Heaven with him, and she has a divine purpose in His kingdom.

After going through counseling for some time, we knew we needed to help others express the Lite from their Dark situations.

The poem below expresses our story in hopes that it encourages you in your own journey. 

The darkness consumes with no end in sight 

Until one day, a glimpse of light shines bright, if only for a moment

As the days pass, little by little, the light shines brighter and brighter 

Though the darkness never subsides, it no longer consumes 

Both remain an integral part of the story of your Lite from Dark journey.

We have chosen to recognize the dark and embrace the lite. As time passes, they are continually mixing and transforming, a beautiful representation of our family’s story and how transformative the journey of lite from the dark can be.

Almost a year and a half after losing our daughter, we had a son. There is nothing quite like having a baby. It is the most rewarding and difficult thing we have ever experienced in our life. We would never change a second.

Thank you for listening to our story, and we hope you find help and healing in the resources and products on our site.


Chelsie and Nick

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